MBA Internship

Kopali, a social enterprise and positive-impact chocolate brand, and a lean early-stage organization, seeks 1-2 MBA Summer Associate Executive Interns in NYC and/or Miami.

Exact roles will be defined together with Summer Associates during the recruiting process, in line with interests and skill-sets.  Projects and day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • Logistics & Supply Chain: assuming responsibility for business essential activities to “make it happen” for 2 current product lines in national distribution, including researching and analyzing options for warehouses, transit methods/providers, packing materials, and order fulfillment; and ordering and arranging import/export of ingredients/materials/finished goods, as well as transport via truck/air/sea.  Tracking of inventories.  Spanish preferred, and problem-solving orientation more important than any specific experience/knowledge.
  • Sourcing & Positive Impact: researching, organizing and contacting new potential sources and partners at origin.  Likely some research and development of potential future positive impact projects, with preliminary definition of the goals, metrics, possible partners, etc.  Limited work on product development.  Spanish required.
  • Corporate Finance & Accounting: refining/rebuilding a usable, working financial and growth model based on projections of sales, P/L, cashflow, etc.  Planning, checking, analyzing what we pay and why on a weekly basis; reconciling bank statements monthly with accounting system (Enterprise Wholesale Manufacturing Quickbooks); communicating with key vendors and customers including sensitive discussions of payment plans; ensuring that our accounting systems/methods meet our needs of tracking info; preparing company financial statements, and some basic assistance when needed such as entering invoices and paying bills.
  • Strategy, Marketing, Business Development & Sales: defining, refining and codifying strategic vision.  Formulating and cost-effectively implementing consistent, strategic and compelling messaging and visual identity. Creating selling tools and communications for prospecting and pitching chain HQ and individual retail accounts.  Leading communications with key prospective customers.  Analyzing customer profitability, and cost/benefit of various sales and marketing and promotional strategies and spends.

All roles require: exceptional strategic and systems thinking, as well as detail orientation; ability to learn quickly and absorb/filter large amounts of information; exceptional work ethic and energy, goal-orientation, and ability to work independently; flexible, team player attitude and ability to collaborate in person and work remotely; interest in committing to a highly entrepreneurial young, small and growing business, with an interest in and temperament for the challenges of a startup environment; ideally bilingual English/Spanish with strong verbal and written communication skills in both languages; and for most functions, strong quantitative, Excel and/or accounting skills.  Must be prepared to enjoy the challenge of operating with lean overhead, and be prepared to “get the job done” with a positive view of direct hands-on execution of a wide variety of tasks.  Opportunity to play an instrumental role during this key phase.  Especially eager for candidates who share our passion for sensory delight of food, positive impact, global supply chains, lifestyles of health and wellness, sustainability, consumer engagement, and powerful and emotional brands.

Please contact with a resume and detailed cover letter.  Please share every timeslot available to speak via phone/Skype/in person in midtown NYC, over the next 14 days, during the hours of 8am-8pm all 7 days of the week.

Previous MBA Summer Associates have successfully obtained funding for a Kopali internship due to Kopali’s status as a social enterprise and as an early-stage business.   We are happy to assist with that application process, and can make a compelling case for such funding – but we are unfortunately unable to offer a stipend for MBA Summer Associates at this time.

Kopali Chocolates – perfectly pure, irresistibly rich and luscious, crafted entirely at the point-of-origin. Certified organic and fair trade, Kopali’s chocolates are every bit as important as they are delicious. Motivated by a deep purpose and guided by a clear strategy, Kopali’s chocolate sweetness has already managed to reach, delight and inspire millions of fans while helping to support thousands of farmers who in turn care for ecosystems that support all life.

We are a small entrepreneurial team at an exciting moment of growth, preparing to scale with new products, and wider distribution than our current focus on premium grocery and lifestyle chains and independent outlets throughout the US.  Our focus is on strengthening and tightening operations, and building capacity/systems, in preparation for expansion/sales.  Our ultimate goal is maximizing positive social and environmental impact, by growing the brand and sales of Kopali: how many retailers and shoppers and influencers and outlets can we reach, with your help?

Kopali Chocolates offer pure delight, with no refined sugars, oils, dairy, or anything artificial – and they are vegan and gluten-free, as well as certified organic and fair trade. Presented in eye-catching, appealing, impulse-buy candy packaging, the Kopali look and feel combines an upscale, contemporary, sophisticated brand, with authentic commitment and connection to pure food, farmers and land, artisan production, and indigenous cultures.

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