Our History

We founded Kopali Organics while living and farming on our off-the-grid permaculture farm and sustainability center in the rainforest of Costa Rica, an abundant home of luscious, delicious food. Not so far from this farm, low-flying airplanes spray highly toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on banana plantations, and right onto farming workers in the field, as well as their families, their homes, playgrounds, schools and water supply. We witnessed the abusive labor practices that develop when large unsustainable agriculture has tremendous power and is the only source of income for people trying their best to feed their families.

And we saw local farmers, our neighbors and friends, continue to use natural and sustainable practices. In many cases they were already highly organized and certified organic with the assistance of nonprofit groups. We tasted and knew first hand how much better their food was to eat than the chemically produced alternatives – better not only because it is more nutritious, pure and free of toxins, but also because it is overwhelmingly superior in taste, flavor, texture and quality.

We saw that, without support, these farmers would continue to be driven out of business and off of their lands and be replaced by large-scale chemically-intensive industrial farms with unfair labor conditions. And so we were moved to create Kopali Organics, to share this naturally delicious pure and healthy food, and to support organic family farmers and their communities by connecting them with the growing market of people who care about the quality of the food they eat as well as the social and environmental conditions under which it is grown, produced and traded.

In 2008 we launched our line of chocolate fruit treats, working with and supporting small sustainable farmers in countries all over the world. Kopali is taking off: every day more and more people like you discover and become loyal fans of Kopali as well as the mission behind what we do. We are tremendously excited to continue to delight and have a positive impact on the health and lives of a rapidly growing number of fans, farming communities, and on the ecosystems of the planet we all share.

Thank you for joining us!


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